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After years of designing, engineering, machining and manufacturing for firearm, nuclear and automotive industries along with building full custom one off hand built knives and guns on the side, we decided to try to get more of our side products into the hands of people. Business started out well, but could never seem to build enough hand made custom blades to meet the financial demands of life. With covid and new gun laws in Canada, we were forced to shut down the custom orders as sales plummeted. After a couple years of trying to stabilize the business, the idea of mass marketing custom knives in a practical way due to necessity came to light. What if we designed a full custom blade for a high end professional, say a special forces operative or a chef? We could then take that design and remake it but allow the customer to pick all of the materials and finishes without effecting the performance of the original design. The blades are not mass produced like other "custom" makers, the user actually customizes it through their own choices. Barbarian Blades is born! An interactive experience offering something individualized in a world of normal to express ones tastes. That's what we are about.

At Barbarian Blades we design a premium product for the highest level professionals in there trades. Then we allow you to purchase that same product but completely customize it to your liking.
So you get a premium design but just for you.

Start with the type of blade you want. After the base design has been picked work your way down the options to pick different materials, finishes, colors and options until it is everything you want. The graphics will update to show the new choices made along with price. After that hit order. You’re done.

Once an order has been placed we will take it from there, assigning a custom serial number and build everything you ever wanted then ship it to you as soon as it’s complete. So if you want something no one else has get clicking so we can get building!

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